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paleoCLIMatic CORing: high resolution and innovations
Carottage paléoclimatique : haute résolution et innovations


Top-class, new generation sediment coring on Research Vessel Marion Dufresne
Denis-Didier Rousseau, H. Leau, Y. Réaud, X. Crosta, M. Calzas.

Unprecedented coring performance with the upgraded Research Vessel Marion Dufresne
Aline Govin, N. Vázquez Riveiros, Y. Réaud, C. Waelbroeck, J. Giraudeau. 2016

Why deep drilling in the Colonia Basin (Brazil) ?
M.-P. Ledru, W.U. Reimold, D. Ariztegui, E. Bard, A.P. Crosta, C. Riccomini, A.O. Sawakuchi.

The SUBGLACIOR drilling probe: concept and design
O. Alemany, J. Chappellaz, J. Triest, and al.

Drill fluid selection for the SUBGLACIOR probe: a review of silicone oil as a drill fluid
J. Triest, O. Alemany.

The IPICS «oldest ice» challenge: a new technology to qualify potential sites
J. Chappellaz, O. Alemany, D. Romanini, E. Kerstel.

Mechanical behaviour of HMPE and aramid fibre ropes for deep sea handling operations
Peter Davies, Yvan Reaud, Loic Dussud, Patrice Woerther.