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ICDP Science Conference 2013 : Appel à contribution
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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

You are warmly invited to take part in the development of ICDP’s new Science Plan by contributing online to the conference “Imaging the Past to Imagine our Future”, which will be held from November 11-14. The conference will bring together young researchers, senior scientists, ICDP stakeholders, and others. ICDP´s new Science Plan will be presented in human challenge coordinates coupled with pure geoscience. As an accompanying action, a new ICDP Website was launched on October 23 ( - please check it out.

The conference program and the link to the live video streaming service can be found at We encourage you to contribute actively to the conference via email ( or via twitter (#icdp2013). Emails and tweets sent to these addresses will be part of the discussion and considered for the Science Plan. Your contribution should address in which of the discussed geoprocesses (Faults and Earthquakes, Heat and Mass transport, Global Cycles, Deep Biosphere) or social challenges (Natural Hazards, Climate and Ecosystem Evolution, Sustainable Energy and Mineral Resources, Water Resources) it fits most appropriately.

We welcome your active participation and involvement and look forward to receiving your input and opinion.

Kind regards,

Dr. Thomas Wiersberg
Scientific Drilling ICDP