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paleoCLIMatic CORing: high resolution and innovations
Carottage paléoclimatique : haute résolution et innovations

Installation of CLIMCOR CONTINENTAL Scientific Committee (next part)
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Paris, CNRS headquarters, March 22, 2013

The CLIMCOR CONTINENTAL Scientific Committee has been installed on the occasion of its first meeting at the CNRS headquarters March 22, 2013. The mission of this committee is to support the development effort, undertaken in the framework of CLIMCOR, to equip the French scientific community with an efficient and innovative working tool to achieve drillings and corings in the continental area. The eleven scientists of this group of experts represent the diversity of the community, both in terms of themes (from geology to archaeology through paleoclimatology and paleoecology) as membership organizations (CNRS InEE, INSHS and INSU ; IRD ; CEA). They will provide throughout the programme of excellence equipment the link between CLIMCOR and researchers, assuring in this way an optimal use of materials developed. These links will occur upstream during the development of materials, and downstream to organise their use. The scientists will also ensure a prospective monitoring to promote the emergence of ambitious scientific programmes, which CLIMCOR equipment will represent a major asset.

Installation of CLIMCOR CONTINENTAL Scientific Committee, with the composition of CLIMCOR CONTINENTAL Scientific Council: