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paleoCLIMatic CORing: high resolution and innovations
Carottage paléoclimatique : haute résolution et innovations

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Budget allocated to WP3 CLIMCOR OCEAN

Total: 2354 k€


  1. Development of the version IV of CALYPSO giant piston corer
    • development of an acoustic triggering system
    • development of acoustically controlled jaw to release the coring pipes in case of problems (pipes stuck in the sediment)
    • piston cable in HMPE textile technology
    • instrumented core head : loggers (CTD, accelerometers), water samplers (Niskin bottles), several operations in one
  2. Development of a new generation of synthetic rope
    • study of the stiffness of Aramid fibres, HPME, Zylon and composites for piston coring operations
    • higher breaking load, and new braiding technology
  3. Development and modernization of the heavy load coring winch :
    • new technology capstan : 45 tons SWL double drum band winch system
    • higher capacity, higher reliability of the equipments, optimization of the shiptime and costs.