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paleoCLIMatic CORing: high resolution and innovations
Carottage paléoclimatique : haute résolution et innovations

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LGGE equipment contribution:

  • Berkner core drilling & core drilling/winch (able to drill up to 1200 meters)
  • James Ross drill (able to drill up to 500 meters)
  • 200 meters shallow drill (with winch)
  • Hot water drilling system (dedicated to drill in the Alpes)
  • Cold rooms to stock up on, to measure samples and test

Staff contribution:

Name First name Position Qualification Laboratory
Chappellaz Jérôme DR1 Ice scientific head manager UMR5183
Alémany Olivier IR1 Ice technical head manager UMR5183
Lefebvre Eric IE1 Electronic engineer UMR5183
Piard Luc IE2 Electric engineer UMR5183
Possenti Philippe AI Geotechnical equipment operator UMR5183
Duphil Romain T Geotechnical equipment operator UMR5183