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paleoCLIMatic CORing: high resolution and innovations
Carottage paléoclimatique : haute résolution et innovations

Diffusion of the results
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As part as the diffusion of the results, different sources are existing:

  • For the CLIMCOR OCEAN, SISMER, managed by IFREMER, lists the oceanographic campaigns and their metadata, but doesn’t collect data from corings of marine sediments.
  • Moreover, until 2008, the IMAGES programme has managed a data base on all carrots of ocean sediments collected during these campaigns. The updating and the maintenance of this data base have been planned since the start of the IMAGES 2 programme.
  • For CLIMCOR ICE, the PANGEA data bases (Europeans) and the NCDC data bases (Americans) list the data of ice cores.
  • Finally, we will create a data base for continental coring.

A consortium agreement will be signed by all partners to assert the rights of each one concerning patent rights and access to the equipments purchased during this Equipex, also to assert the results, where publications rules will be discussed and used too. These ones can be based on rules, yet existing in structured communities, like IMAGES.

Publications in scientific and technical journals will be held with the inevitable mention of CLIMCOR EQUIPEX, and also participations to many colloquiums, congresses: EGU in Vienna, AGU in San Francisco, and Ocean Technology in London…

Generally speaking, quickly after the start of the Equipex, a good practice guide will be written in French and in English, and will be distributed to all partners and to all head managers of the project. It will be asked, and checked after the fact, that the thanks of each article mention the Equipex. Likewise, each project carrier using the tackles of the Equipex will receive, additionally to the good practice guide, the promotional tools required to promote their communication, for example, different versions of CLIMCOR’s logo for all communication uses (powerpoint, flyers, etc.)

To conclude, the website of CLIMCOR will give news about the technical developments, the current campaigns, the obtained results…