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paleoCLIMatic CORing: high resolution and innovations
Carottage paléoclimatique : haute résolution et innovations

Promotion of the results
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The promotion of continental coring results will be done by a one-year temporary contract, who will create and set up a data base like a library corings. It’s about indexing cores retrieved, as well as analyses, which have been performed, to give the community an overview on samplings and measurements already made, and to allow scientists to access to cores already taken.
This database will be extrapolable to CLIMCOR OCEAN & ICE.

The purchase of new equipments will allow scientists to increase the sampling quality and to interest also other scientists and industrials. We will also be able to offer paying services (process already current for the ocean part) for enquirers, including for example, the duplication of innovative equipments developed in this Equipex.

Moreover, for the CLIMCOR-OCEAN, National Committee for Seafaring Ships (CNFH) undertakes in retrospect an estimation of the results of the oceanographic campaigns, four years after their achievements. Then, the inventory of the publications is annually updating and forms a quality indicator of TGIR.

In the case of ocean coring, we can notice that the support ship of the giant core, the N/O Marion Dufresne, is generating yields thanks to her exceptional capacity of coring, and thanks to her well-attested know-how. It is clear that the Equipex program, allowing keeping the international leadership by its technological innovations leading to the improvement of samplings quality, efficiency and security, will accentuate the interest for the ship by stakeholder. These are:

  • foreign research organisms financed by their national agency regarding to the scientific excellence, for example in IMAGES programmes,
  • European programs like euroFLEET,
  • international research consortiums, like IODP, via its European structure ECORD: the Marion Dufresne has been identified as a possible Mission Specific Platform,
  • private French or foreign organisms, mainly petroleum firms.

A consortium agreement will be established to assert the rights of each partners concerning patent rights and access to the equipments purchased during this Equipex, just as the results.
So, rules for publications will be set up in accordance with the equipments used, with the financial origins, with the using teams, with the potential agreeds…
Just as the diffusion of the results, their promotions will be made by publications, congresses, colloquiums…