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paleoCLIMatic CORing: high resolution and innovations
Carottage paléoclimatique : haute résolution et innovations

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  • Acronym: CLIMCOR
  • Title: Paleoclimatic coring: high resolution and innovations
  • Scientific Officer: D-D. Rousseau, INSU-C2FN (National Centre drilling and coring)
  • Technical Officer: M. Calzas, INSU-C2FN
  • Finances:
    • Part 1: 4 500 000 €
    • Part 2: 180 000 €
    • Recasting of the Marion Dufresne ship: 13 M€
  • Scientific study: “System Sciences Earth-Ecology-Environment”
  • Purpose:
    CLIMCOR gathers together three scientific communities, which aim both to understand and describe the past environmental and climatic changes, but need specific technologies adapted to the studied environment. CLIMCOR’s purpose is to provide new resources to investigate climatic archives in order to have high-resolution records of the climate variations, especially during the last millenniums, in marine, continental sediments & ice. The project rests upon the construction of three new coring drills, which afford to improve both the quality of the samples collected and therefore our studies of the climate variations in a precise way, and our capacity to go back in time.
  • The development plan of the French Oceanographic Fleet (FOF) determined as a first priority the renovation of the Marion Dufresne ship. Denis-Didier Rousseau, head of the Equipex CLIMCOR, accepted to manage the subvention (13 M€) for the modernization of the scientific equipment of the ship. M. Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, signed the official notification letter of 13 M€ in January 2014.

Brochure of the CLIMCOR project
(2 pages document : print on both sides and fold it)